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Purchasing Power  


Purchasing Power is an employee purchasing program that helps you buy items you need now from our online store and pay for them over time – right from your paycheck. No credit check. No hidden fees. Fixed payments. While Purchasing Power is not a discount program, it can save you money and stress compared to high-interest credit cards or rent-to-own store.


Purchasing Power is an online retail benefit that offers you a responsible way to buy products. With Purchasing Power, you can buy what you need and want, interest free.


  • Shop thousands of name-brand products
  • Pay no fees or down payments
  • No credit checks
  • Make low, convenient payments over 12 months
  • No membership fees
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Purchasing Power makes it easier to shop and save on computers and more!

To access the Purchasing Power Web site, register using the Kohl’s Group Code: KDS2225


Purchasing Power allows you to purchase and pay for large ticket brand-name items such as computers, electronics, furniture, appliances, vacation packages and online education services using a convenient payroll deduction payment plan spread over time. It means payments are interest-free and easy to budget, so you won’t risk missing a payment and incurring late fees.

You will be eligible to purchase if your annual Kohl's compensation is at least $16,000 and you have been an active associate for at least 12 months.


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How It Works


Answers about the plan, including eligibility, options, enrollment, customer service and more.

  • Who is the provider?

    Purchasing Power offers the industry-leading purchase program that provides you with a convenient and responsible way to buy products and services through automated payroll deductions.

  • How can this help me?

    When you want the option to pay for your purchase over time, you can get what you need and get it when you need it. And it's simple.

    There are many reasons why you would want to make a purchase through this program:

    • You'll know the total price up front, which includes the product, financing, taxes and delivery.
    • You won't have payments strung out over several years, and no ballooning interest.
    • Extended warranties, upgrades and accessories are negotiated with vendors and are included in the price.
    • There are no fees beyond the all-inclusive price.
    • You won't risk late fees as you would with other financing options because your payments are made through automatic payroll deduction.
  • How do I find out what products are available and the costs?

    Click on the “Get Started” button. You will be redirected to Purchasing Power’s website. If you are a first-time visitor of the site, click on “Sign Up”. You will need to provide an email address, create a password and enter your employer information and how often you get paid. All orders are subject to a minimum amount. Please see site for details.

  • What if my employment status changes?

    If you are having payments deducted through payroll deduction and your employment status changes, Purchasing Power will be notified and will establish an alternative method of payment, if needed.

    If you miss three payroll deductions due to an approved unpaid Leave of Absence, you can make payments via the provided bank account/credit card over the remainder of the repayment period.

    When you leave or retire, you can continue to make payments via the provided bank account/credit card over the remainder of the repayment period.

  • When will the first payment come out of my paycheck?

    After your order ships, the first payment will be deducted from your next pay period’s paycheck.

  • How long does it take to process my order?

    When you order, Purchasing Power automatically verifies your eligibility to make a purchase and your purchase limit. If you meet the eligibility requirements, your order will be processed and shipped.

    If you give us an email address, you'll get an order confirmation with your order details. When your order is shipped, you'll get an email with order tracking information.

  • What should I do if I want to return an item?

    Log in to your Purchasing Power account and click on the "My Account" page. Identify which order you would like to return and follow the simple process. For freight items, please contact customer service or click here for additional help.

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